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Your Body Isn’t the Point.

For days, I’ve been trying to decide what my first blog post would be about?

It’s you!! It’s all about what you’ve taught me in my relationships, professional life and casual encounters. My personal experiences have been my best teacher. Some have hurt deeply for what seems like decades while others have brought me pure joy, validation and healing.

Through experience, I’ve picked up a few valuable bits of information about you and myself that no classroom could adequately teach. Simply, kindness returns kindness. We all need to feel listened to and understood. We have a need to connect, some at a deeper level than others.

A lot of pain is carried around in the form of excess weight, irritable behavior, distrust or a negative outlook on life. It’s an honor when someone trusts you enough to divulge their pain and insecurities. Things always look better looking from the outside in. Pain is masked many times with humor and a smile so pay extra attention to those who seem to need you the least. Being a listener is a rewarding role in any relationship but switch roles sometimes. Being uncomfortable is good for us and necessary for growth.

I’m grateful for you and every single experience you’ve gifted me. The good, the bad, the disappointments, the successes, the criticisms, the doubts, the support and the challenges have all educated and shaped me.

Like you, I keep pushing to be my best and most times it’s not for me. It’s part of the bigger picture and that’s what makes it special. I have qualities I am not fond of but I understand and like myself more now than at any other point in my life. To me, that’s progress.

Sending you all wishes for happiness, great health, a positive outlook, hope and security in the New Year. I look forward to the new and unique experiences and continued learning I know 2021 will bring.



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