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As I was in a rut with my exercise routine and knew I needed to change it up, I started training with Linda in November. It was the best decision I made. I have already seen results in the short amount of time. Not only have I gained muscle, I feel better physically. Linda knows how to motivate you. Her expertise in exercise training is top notch. Each session I am being challenged more and learning new exercises. Fitlinda is the perfect "fit" for me for my workout routine.

~Mary Brulenski, 12/11/22

Hands down the best trainer! You have taken my workouts to a whole new level. Super challenging and so much fun. I feel amazing and just loving my results. Thank you, Linda!!

~Coleen Trifun, 12/10/22

Linda is a fantastic instructor. She makes working out fun! Her energy and smile are contagious and so very motivational. Also, Linda really "knows her stuff". She sets the bar high enough to get results while still being within reach for clients at different levels of fitness. I highly recommend Linda. You won't be disappointed.

~Cathy Veltri, 12/10/22

I cannot believe the results I've achieved from working with you, Linda! Started Sept.1st and it looks like it's been 2 years. I'm stronger, smaller, more focused and feel so much better! Sleeping better and eating better are nice bonuses. And I thoroughly enjoy our time together. Thanks for teaching me so many things I never believed I could do!

~Stephanie Casper, 12/9/22

There are not enough words to describe how AMAZING Linda is!!! She is an extraordinary trainer who can customize a workout for you, your fitness level and your needs. I always find the workout to be challenging but Linda ensures your success to make you feel like an athlete, proud and ready to come back for more!  I highly recommend Linda to anyone with any fitness level, you will never regret it!!!

~Becky Roosevelt, 12/11/22

Once you train with Linda, you understand your strengths and weak points and work on getting stronger and more disciplined. Linda's classes are fun and encouraging, you leave her lighter, stronger and happier.

~Lilit Margolin, 12/9/22

I never met anyone more knowledgeable or motivating than you, Linda! I loved the personal workout sessions with you. I learned how to lift properly, get stronger and more flexible. From your step aerobics classes and dancing to weights and diet, you helped me immensely, especially as a post menopausal woman who struggles to gain muscle. I finally see my biceps! I can't thank you enough and I am happy to highly recommend you to family and friends.

~Cheryl Simon, 12/9/22

Whether you're looking to start your health and fitness journey or improve upon your acquired athletic skills and training, Fitlinda is a wonderful resource, guide, and motivator. Her love of helping women is evident through her commitment to her clients and lively spirit during training sessions. Straying from boring, static, and unsustainable movement is her specialty. Her clients are sure to move in different ways, test their strength, and explore better flexibility. Would highly recommend working with her.

~Ava Scarpato, 12/9/22

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