Crossfit Class


Friends Who Work Out

Group Training

Find motivation in the energy of other women with the same drive to be fit. 
Classes include a variety of strength-based, cardiovascular and cross-functional exercises.


Personal Training

This is for clients looking to reach their personal best through customized programming. Your training will include goal setting, fitness assessments, program design and guidance. Contact to schedule.

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Specialty Group Classes

This unique class is a celebration of your strength. Join me in a monthly sweat session including my best mix of exercises for strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. 


My Story

Living a healthy lifestyle has been a priority in my life for many years. It simply makes me a happier and more productive person. It became clear to me in my late teens that exercise would make me feel not just good, but great. It has rewarded me with both physical and emotional strength even during trying times. That strength has translated into higher levels of energy, confidence and the desire to share my experience. My mission is to share my knowledge and introduce you to a more effective and efficient approach to training, one that will support you through the many physical changes women experience over their lifetimes. I will help you to build a strong and healthy body that will make you feel beautiful inside and out.

My Promise

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Go at Your Own Pace

Make the Most of Your Time

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Improve Performance

Practice Makes Perfect

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Achieve Personal Goals

A Lasting Impact

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Feel Great

You can feel more energetic!


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